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Digital Signatures
Portable, Paperless Solutions for Security and Efficiency

With MaxSignatures clients can directly and securely exchange documents via encrypted email and have them signed and returned in minutes. Because MaxSignatures employs advanced digital signature technology, if a document is modified or tampered with after it is signed, the signature is immediately invalidated. With MaxSignatures you create UNALTERABLE documents. Best of all the learning curve is short and shallow and implementing a MaxSignatures account can be accomplished anywhere from minutes to a few hours depending on the scale and type of connection. The application works seamlessly with any document management system. This is a simple business idea; swapping a variable expense for a fixed monthly expense that is more efficient ergonomically, economically and environmentally while generating a significant bottom line impact. Read More

Benefits of MaxSignatures

  • Near instantaneous secure exchange and turnaround of documents / contracts.
  • Increased productivity by eliminating manual and paper intensive work flow processes.
  • Document integrity / non-repudiation through sophisticated PKI technology.
  • Two factor authentication of counterparty identity.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements including FIPS 140-2 level 3, ESign, EU, UETA, SEAL, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, USDA.
  • Enhanced privacy and security through direct secure document exchange.
  • Reduced operating costs. Variable expenses replaced with a fixed monthly fee.
  • Easy instant adoption via a Web Solution; or integration via SOAP API.
  • Zero workflow disruption; no staff retraining requirements.
  • “Green” technology; reduce paper proliferation and a firm’s carbon footprint.
  • Replace slow manual processes with fast secure digital processes. Near instantaneous secure exchange and turnaround of documents / contracts.